Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) & Monitoring

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) & Monitoring

For years, Dansom has combined its extensive experience in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as well as monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of environmental mitigation measures under all the sectors being funded including agriculture, construction, livestock, water supply, health, irrigation etc. Therefore, Dansom has a well elaborate Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plans (EMMPs) and tools that check on Environmental Compliance. The Dansom EMMPs clearly define mitigation measures; monitoring indicators; frequency of reporting; responsible parties; and field monitoring issues. From time to time, the EMMPs are usually customized to fit the needs of the activities being monitored.

Dansom also provides environmental monitoring services to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and standards. Our team of experts conducts regular inspections, collects data, and analyzes the environmental impact of projects. We work closely with clients to develop effective strategies for minimizing environmental risks and promoting sustainable practices.


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