Political Economy Analysis

Political Economy Analysis and Security Advisory

Dansom has developed a unique expertise in providing international development agencies such as the World Bank, EU, DFID, FCO and the UN with in-depth political economy analysis, economic growth and security advisory services in the Somali and broader East-African context. The firm has experience in collecting up-to-date, triangulated information on the ground, analysing local networks and power structures, and in designing effective strategies to guarantee access to civil society actors and strategic stakeholders in insecure and non-permissive areas.

Dansom also provides security risk analysis, management planning and on-going advisory services to international organisations that aim to deliver impact in some of the most volatile environments in the region.

Dansom has also worked on providing detailed economic analysis for international and national organizations that has informed them on the design and development of economic growth programs. Dansom has an extensive network of private sector actors as well as government stakeholders. Additionally, the firm has, through various other projects expanded its working relationship with numerous civil society organizations and NGO’s across Somalia.


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